Remove All Qualified Inquiries in 3 to 6 Weeks
We Fight Them Until They Come Off - 100% Success Rate Guaranteed!

Real Client Results

Real-Time Recent Removal Results

Our clients have enjoyed success by the effective dispute strategies employed by the experts at InquiryBusters. Our approach is quick and shows results at the first stage, and then continues until all qualified inquiries are gone.

Here are some of the latest results:



Inquiry Removal Packages

We offer four different comprehensive programs that you can chose from, depending on the number of inquiries required to be eliminated, as well as your time frame and budget.



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Inquiry Busters uses a “1-2-3 Punch” Process guaranteed to knock unwanted inquiries out of the ring.
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Together, We Can Make a Positive Difference

We support a number of charities that we feel make a positive contribution to the world we all live in. We want you to know that part of your fees go to great causes.