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Samuel Harrison, Jr. stacked up inquiries innocently, InquiryBusters gave him his peace of mind back

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I was not aware that applying for credit at various banks and credit unions – in order to get the best rate – would penalize me after the inquiries stacked up.  I thought that the more choices I had, the better deal I could get, but with credit, there is a limit.  Once more than 6 inquiries were reported on my credit statement, my credit score started dropping and I was no longer getting offers at good interest rates.  It took about 45 days for InquiryBusters to remove all of the inquiries, and after that, I was able to re-apply and got a good loan at a low rate.  Thanks to the folks at InquiryBusters, I was able to get my credit report in order and they report high scores again.

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