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I needed help getting my credit back on track and cleaning up my credit report. I had 11 hard inquiries that were keeping me from getting approved for funding. I contacted They looked at my credit history and all of my reports and went straight to work. Let me just say… they were persistent! They talked to every creditor and credit bureau on my behalf. In less than a month, had succeeded in getting all 11 of those inquiries removed.

Then they showed me how I could get my credit score up quickly, so I could reapply for credit cards. They connected me with someone over at…which is one of their other businesses. I bought a package of seasoned tradelines, and within 2 billing cycles saw my credit go from a 617 to 733. After that, it was super easy to get approved for credit. Now I have a Barclays card with an 1800 limit, a Bank of America card with at $7500 limit, and a Chase card with a $9600. It’s amazing how just removing those hard inquiries changed my whole financial picture. I’d definitely recommend

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